Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The life of Lloyd

Here is a photo of my dad, his name is Lloyd. This shot is from 1999, but he pretty much looks this way today.

What I like about Lloyd is that he is a simple man. Never got caught up in the bling-bling of life. Just church, his flower garden, and long morning walks. Being around the house was AOK, and I think he has had a ham sandwich on white bread for lunch for most of the past 50 years.

He's currently in a nursing home, fighting his way back from a hip replacement. Prior to the surgery, he was pretty much reduced to no walking and immobility.

So, the new hip was really the only ticket back.

Life does become an endurance sport. At some time, in some way, we will be fighting back for a recovery in a race that will be every bit at viscous as the roughest ultra we can recall.

I talked to dad this morning and he sounded clear and level headed. Our topic of the day was soda - called "pop" in some northern states. My fave is Diet Mountain Dew. Dad doesn't have a favorite, but he said he likes just a little sip now and again to moisten his throat and voice.

Sometimes the little things are just plain good enough. And on my current path in life, simple things and little things are plenty good for me.

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