Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just a little bit of patience...

Here's a shot that depicts the inner workings of a healthy leg.

My muscles and tendons may weave together in similar fashion, but things may be a bit more fuzzy and torn around the edges.

I'm not much on keeping records and running logs, but I do believe this is my third 65+ mile week of running. I seldom get north of 60 and when I do, it's usually some sort of crash-and-burn scenario.

I ran my 50 mile PR (8:53) at JFK in 2004. Not fast by most elite standards, as Eric Clifton holds the JFK course record at 5:46. But that day was Tommy Terrific's own personal best and what is most interesting is what led up to it.

Once again the details are foggy, but I ran 85 miles the week prior to that race. I was training hard with daily morning runs and long weekend mileage. Then straight to the race and onto the course. No doubt my legs were trashed, but they performed well, especially on the final eight miles of road prior to the finish.

This flies in the face of modern training methods, but I do believe more is better. My right knee isn't good and the muscles in my left lower back ache from some sort of running imbalance, but such is life.

I'm locked and loaded for this weekend's Guana 50K. No days off for master competitor. I hope for 14 this Thursday, 10 on Friday am and then off to the races.

I love the training and racing lifestyle. If you're old(er) and on the couch, crack out the running shoes and come out to play.

It's all good and there's still room on the starting line for a few old timers like you and me.

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