Sunday, March 08, 2009

Just a fish and a loaf of bread

I've been in Daytona Beach for some of the motorcycle races. I watched the 200 mile road race Friday night (most of it from the comfort of my friend Jeff Moser's motorhome) and then on Saturday attended for the Daytona Supercross.

And when at Daytona, it's always time to catch up with this wild man at the left - Ron Tichenor.

Ron has been in and around the national motocross circuit for a long time. His son, Ronnie, Jr. was a top national rider and two-time Japanese National Champion. Ron was also the long time owner of Cycle Springs Yamaha in Tarpon, Springs, Florida.

This year, Ron's entourage included Jeff Hembree (white cap at right) who is a home builder in St. Augustine. It's all part of the madness that surrounds this gang every time they're at the races.

Tichenor did what he's done for the past couple of decades: Pull up in his stretch van, fire up the cooker, and make sure the beer is on ice. It's the annual behind-the-track-in-the-pits BBQ.

When Tichenor opened one of the monstrous coolers, I saw the huge stock of quarter-pounder burgers inside. Tichenor brings all the goods...pays for it himself...and then proceeds to feed most everyone who comes along.

This year there was a large contingent of track security guards. These "rent a cops" are underpaid and under-appreciated. But for Tichenor, they're part of the gang.

"Where ya been!" Ronnie shouted at every guard who walked up. "We've been holding up the party and wondering when you were going to get here!"

On every occasion, a big smile would burst across the face of the new visitor. For at this moment, they were a welcome guest and a wonderful meal of pork, chicken, beef and all the fixings was on the table.

When we were unloading the truck, Tichenor joked about the small fish that fed 5000 (a bible story about how Christ fed the masses).

I think Ronnie Tichenor had it figured out. Jesus couldn't have done it any better.

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