Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm sure many of you have heard the tragic tale of famed movie actor Natasha Richardson.

Beginner ski lesson in Canada.

Easy fall on a bunny hill.

Dead two days later.

I'm not making light of this event in any way. But it forced me to acknowledge that endurance sport has its own inherent risks.

Several years ago, while still living in Ohio, I was about ready to hang up my hand bottles and retire, mainly to get off the trail. I couldn't find my rhythm and was crashing on almost every run. Some were the simple stub your toe and catch yourself pratfalls, while others were rather ugly faceplants onto rocky surfaces.

I have joked on occasion that I'd be happy if my life ended during some epic ultra, that I have the "big one" while climbing a trail and die before I ever hit the ground.

The adaptation of that story could be an easy fall like Natasha, then lights out.

This morning while doing another easy 10, I thought about accountability in my life, what I am doing to support and serve others. Our hobby can be a selfish one and we may be on a fragile path. I may live to run another day, or I may not.

Life can be fleeting. Let's enjoy it but also invest in those around us.

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