Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fountain of youth?

I ran into some old friends at a motorcycle function a few weeks ago. One of them emailed me and and asked "where did you find the fountain of youth?"

Drinking elixir from a special fountain hadn't come to mind before. At 52, I view myself as someone who keeps on keeping on, working for a good result from the effort.

I put some thought into what a fountain of youth could mean for me:
  • Not sure about the exact timeline, but I have been a vegetarian close to 10 years. There has been a result. The tone of my skin, color of my hair have been affected. This isn't a scientific study, but it's clear that my diet has been beneficial.
  • Vitamin E gel. I buy this clear, gooey liquid at Walgreens, and use it liberally on my face, around puffy eyes, after shaves, etc.
  • Cap with a visor. Most of my running life has been shaded over the face. I know of some triathletes my age who went the sunglasses route and their skin is dark and rough.
  • Fistful of pills - I blogged about the content prior, but Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Flax and Omega 3, etc. are part of each day.
  • Exercise lifestyle - I work out most every day, seldom miss. And I'm a full time bicycle commuter. Training keeps the body strong and resilient.
  • Mindset - I know how to work the program and to adapt it to my age and physical issues. My decades as an endurance athlete have taught me how to fight and take pain and build the temple.
I am an ordinary man doing ordinary things. But I do them consistently and with purpose. Nothing that special here, no fountain of youth, but surely a cold drink from the springs of life.

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