Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Carry the torch

Here are a couple of storm troopers who work the national motorcycle racing circuits across the United States.

Both are friends and both were pivotal in my career in the sport.

Davey Combs (left) comes from a family who is entrenched in racing. They operate two national motocross events. Davey was a budding journalist when I met him and now owns Racer X magazine. He is also heading up the group that is developing and improving the national motocross championship. Davey recently announced a wonderful new TV package that has six MX races live on NBC.

Larry Lawrence is the historian for motorcycle racing. His column "Archives" graces the pages of Cycle News each week. Larry has been instrumental in rebuilding a historical database of key individuals in motorcycling, which preserves the knowledge for future generations.

I realize this is an endurance sport blog, but humor me for a moment. All of our lives are built on folks who have assisted and inspired us along the way. I'd like to drop a shout-out to both Davey and Larry. They are a component of my past and part of what I am today.

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