Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bling bling but no ching ching

Thought I'd take a short reprieve from the Mind Games series and commiserate with readers about the sad state of affairs in my life.

Tommy Terrific is pouting. He wants the new Felt 29er Comp (shown above) but isn't in the financial position to buy it.

Boo hoo hoo.

Such is life as a teaching assistant at U of FL. I'm back into another educational phase of life and extras like $1400 mountain bikes aren't on the radar screen. Maybe in the near future, but not now.

I am a frugal person who doesn't splurge often. But every four or five years, I do like to treat myself with a new bicycle. Since riding the Tour de Felasco mountain bike event a few weeks ago, I have been Jonesing for a new "29er" mountain bike - this mean 29-inch wheels versus the 26-inch standard sizing. The new 29ers are supposed to roll better over rough terrain. Of course, the new models come with hydraulic disc brakes.

Now I'm certain you can see why I must have one of these swift machines.

I'm sure the desire will pass and I'll continue forward with other forms of aerobic sport. Then again, I can picture myself on that bright orange steed, conquering the hills and valleys as they roll out in front of me.

Ride, Tommy, ride.

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