Sunday, February 01, 2009

Thick in the middle

Here's an interesting shot at left: Tommy-not-quite-Terrific at the finish of a "hare scrambles" race near Atlanta, Georgia, circa 1981.

As you can observe, during this era I was curling more 12-oz. beer cans than barbells and was weighing in at 213 pounds. Amazing that I carried that much weight and amazing that I tried to ride a dirt bike. I was never talented on two wheels, so the extra weight only hindered me further.

This is a time of "then to now" thinking. I am closing in on completion of my PhD and a move to a new market for a teaching position may be mandatory. Or, I will find a place and life here in Gainesville. Whatever the outcome, my fitness and training component pops into mind.

Over the years, I have found my fortress to be God, followed by the condition of my body. When Guillaine-Barre ravaged my nerve system in 1992-1993 I thought it was over, but I was allowed a wonderful recovery and my endurance lifestyle continued. As the years progress, I am more tuned and focused on how the state of my body impacts my overall disposition in life. I remain thankful for the pain-free days when running and exercise seem effortless. And, I struggle through the opposing days, when pain tracks through my left leg (bad disc) and a normal training run is a difficult task.

So it goes. There will be a new place and time to come. I will adapt and embrace it. For, that is the way in which life unfolds for us all.

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