Friday, February 20, 2009

The inner mind of endurance athletes

The Five Points of Life Marathon is running in Gainesville this weekend.

Part of the pre-event hype included guest lecturers who provided free information for runners ramping up for the event.

I went to a talk given by a sports psychologist regarding things of the mind, how we approach endurance running on an emotional and psychological basis.

Though that presention had merit, I'd like to give you the Tommy Terrific street version of mind games as part of the sport.

So stay tuned for updates over the next several days.

Concept #1: Just a blip in time

I like to try this one on during my longer events, mainly the 100-milers. I set my mind to the fact that the event will be somewhere north of 24 hours. That's might seem insurmountable, but it's just a blip in time on my journey through life.

I envision a time line for my walk on this earth, from birth to whenever the end might be, and picture a small blip - just one day in the overall universal scheme of things.

That blip constitutes my effort for that event. We all know that any of us can perform and pass through a blip in time, right? And since it's a blip, why would we want to under-perform and take a potential DNF?

When I'm investing in my blips, you can be sure that I believe in myself enough that the outcome should be good. I make a commitment to ultra runs, and for that tiny piece of real estate in time, I can get through almost anything for an official finish.

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