Saturday, February 21, 2009

Concept #2: It's in the bank

Yesterday, I posted about a new rant.

You're entering the mind zone...that of how and why we mentally and emotionally comprehend endurance sport events.

This is a comprehension model of how we have invested in our minds and bodies over time. The years have ticked by and we've done the work; the long runs, the hard intervals and the pool and gym workouts - even on the days we didn't want to go.

That's as good as money in the bank for an endurance athlete. We've been dropping coins into the funnel, saving each precious penny's worth of aerobic base. And now, it's time for a withdrawal.

The morning of the event dawns big and large. We know what lies ahead, but it's OK because the money (i.e. confidence and ability) is there for the taking and we can access it as needed.

On some occasions the withdrawals are huge, similar to the hit some have taken on their 401K's in a tough recession. But when it's in the bank, there is no deficit spending. It's yours, you can spend it as you wish, on the tough hills or through muddy trails in the dark of night.

Take the withdrawal. Finish the race. It's all possible when you have some cash in the bank.

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  1. Nice. That is a great concept. Sometimes the miles and the time never seem to get me to the immediate goals. Then the longer term goals are attained and that is when that "bank" pays off. I have really accomplished something great for myself in the past month and I am really looking forward to what is next.