Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Green Swamp - this is the last post!

Hello master competitor blog aficionados...I've been busy with job hunting, dissertation writing and test administering at U of FL. Alas, I've been negligent and need to keep the posts coming.

So, I thought I'd conclude my rants on Green Swamp with this photo. It was a small water crossing under a roadway rather late in the race. The course took us on a rather silly out-and-back, which ran on a sharp off-camber along the roadway. At one point the off-camber morphed into a cement support for the bridge, with a very steep angle. I was afraid my feet would slip and I'd fall off, so I scurried down and bushwhacked through the woods.

This is the essence of endurance trail runs. Some promoters opt for well traveled, marked trails, as we will experience at the Guana 50K in March and the Croom 50 mile in April. Other promoters, such as the Dances with Dirt crowd, want to add more "memories" and routed a few obstacles and water crossings into this course.

I believe master competitors must appreciate all types of racing. It's good to have varied approaches regarding race course design. I have raced on fast and flat trails, but also in ankle deep mucked churned up by horse hooves - through one entire night to sunrise.

It's all good, it's all part of racing. The sport attracts a wide array of participants and I want to be an ambassador to many.

As we say at Brooks, "Inspire Daily." That's my mission.

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