Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Green Swamp revisited part #2

A few more random thoughts about Green Swamp:

Here's a shout out to Jennifer, our new friend from Orlando...who just moved east from Seattle and is breaking onto the ultra scene. She's very busy with two young children, yet found time to put in a nice finish at Green Swamp and is now headed to the Iron Horse 50 mile. Gotta love it. And, also thanks Jennifer for a couple of the pics in my earlier post...she did an excellent job with the camera documenting the journey.

I ran in Injinji wool toe socks, and Brooks Adrenaline ASR trail shoes with ankle gators. Loved the setup. Even after stream and water crossings, my feet were good to go. No blisters, no hot spots. That was the last race for the Adrenalines, just broke a new pair of Brooks Cascadia trail shoes out of the box. I'm excited!

Guess I should mention that my finishing time at Green Swamp was good for the 50-54 age group win. I emailed the race promoter and he's sending me some sort of award. Life is sweet.

Thanks to the Withlacoochie River Park folks in Dade City, Florida. Wonderful start/finish area, and a park official thanked us for coming...a class act with class people.

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