Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pounding New York circa 1987

Some would state that a picture says a thousand words. Well in this case maybe more than 1000.

That's master competitor on the right, circa 1987, pounding out something around a 3:30 at the New York City Marathon.

Those shorts give me the heebie-jeebies. What were we thinking, did anyone in that era ever hear of inseam length?

And how about the heavy cotton cutaway running top? Let me tell you, scratchy cotton on raw nipples...well...many of you know what I am referring to.

I think those are Nike Air Max on my feet. Is that what they were called? Those are faded memories. I tried Nike in my early days and then got on the right track when I went exclusively Brooks in the early 1990's...personal preference rules.

The other interesting fact is that my body looks thick! What the *$$%($#??? I had this vision of a taut, sub 6% body fat stud and then pudgy runs right into the frame of this photo!

One other thing people sometimes don't lie. And in this instance, I would say the truth is being told.

Anyway, I got deep into my closet and some old photo boxes, and the scanner is fired prepare yourself for a few days of retro Tommy Terrific.

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