Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No moderation

It's time to tell a secret:

I am not gifted at moderation.

When I'm thin, I'm living on protein shakes and training like a banshee (I really don't know how banshees train but I bet they really hammer).

When I'm "off the wagon" it's sugar and snacks and overeating...and then slow, slogging jogs that take my energy.

So, I'm "on the razor" and attempting to purge my diet and get back on track for 2009. It's not so much a resolution, just a necessity, as I have a 50 mile mountain bike tour Saturday, and I've entered the Green Swamp 50K in early February.

I like gimmicks. Don't know if they all work, but they give me constant reminders that I'm turning it back around - Hydroxycut, Myoplex, Vitalert, etc. Bring 'em on.

After a few days of cleaning out my system, the engine is starting to purr once again. The runs are coming on with some steam at the finish. So, at 52, the master competitor can once again fantasize about what will come, the adventures on the road and trail.

Life is tasting sweet once again.

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