Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Lite" the engine

I love training and racing.

I really love life when I feel the motivation start to burn in my soul.

But most times it takes a few changes to build the discipline necessary to be an empowered master competitor.

I've been using Myoplex Lite the past week. It's not cheap, $6 - $8 for a 4-pack. But, drastic indulging calls for drastic recovery measures.

The website says:

"Myoplex Lite has a specially formulated proprietary blend of protein comprised of ion-exchanged whey protein as well as soy-protein isolates, which have been shown to support the metabolism as well as muscle mass, especially during a low-calorie diet or an intense training cycle. Scientific studies show soy-protein isolates may help minimize suppression of thyroid-hormone production, which frequently occurs during calorie restriction. Oftentimes, when you go on a low-calorie diet, your body fights back by slowing down your metabolic rate, possibly by reducing thyroid-hormone production. When this happens, losing fat can be even harder than it already is."

That's a mouthful, but I like their thinking: Train your brains out and put fuel in your body that encourages fat burning. I'm a Body Fortress whey protein man (buy it at Target, the price is right) but I also understand that soy protein has benefits. So, when you move to a restricted diet and increase exercise, your body starts to cannibalize itself.

When the shutdown occurs, we need to ingest the right balance of foods that work well in this metabolism-reduced state.

Make sense? Well, maybe there's a bit of voodoo in it, but right now I'm sipping my Myoplex Lite after a hard gym workout and feeling pretty good about myself and life.

And when good training and good diet makes the world look more appealing, I know I'm in the sweet spot.

Journey on.

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  1. Jeff from Wausau5:09 PM

    I remember a time when the Master Competitor was fueled by another brand of Lite. Alas, times change.