Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cool running

Here's another retro shot of Tommy Terrific looking calm and collected in the Horse Camp aid station at the Mohican 100 mile.

This is the second time through, around mile 38. I'm fit and trim and making time.

In my previous video blog posting, you may have noted my voice was raspy, I was cold and wet, and the miles were coming hard. This is the same point in the same race one year later.

Though I ran one hour slower in 2003 - about 25 hours, 30 minutes - it was the "easiest" 100-miler I have ever done. I ran unencumbered and free, completed the race, hung out for a while and then went home to mow the lawn!

This was one of the only years I didn't tear up my feet in a 100-miler. How and why I don't really know, but on all accounts it was an exceptional year.

So here I am at the U of FL, doing morning runs on campus. It's been crisp and in the 20's and the sharp air invigorates my senses. Steam rolls off my wicking tights and my headphones are bundled inside a stocking cap, while Robin Trower drops guitar riffs into my ears.

Sometimes the memories drive me, and on other days the present good in my life pulls me along.

But whatever the stimulus, the foot strikes keep coming.

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