Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chi master

What a weekend.

The folks at Brooks Sports - my #1 sponsor - emailed last week and asked for volunteers to assist on Friday in the Brooks sales area at the Disneyworld Marathon.

That was a must-do.

And, I had a standing commitment to ride the Tour de Felasco, the local 50-mile epic mountain bike ride in and around San Felasco State Park on Saturday.

Must-do #2; more to come on that fiasco later.

I drove over to Orlando early Friday and walked the expo. One of the first interactions was with none other than the running chi master himself, Danny Dreyer.

Danny has been a huge boost for the running community. He combined his knowledge of ultrarunning and his practice of chi sport to create ChiRunning (and walking). The chi stance - a vertical posture with the use of gravity to "fall" forward - has added a new, practical dimension to my running and has helped me deal with aggravating injuries.

I bought the ChiRunning book in May of 2006 and devoured it. Danny's approach to running and lifestyle integrated well into my training and it's all good. Meeting Danny only motivated me further to apply chi to my running antics. I plan to implement chi running throughout the day when I tackle the Green Swamp 50K on February 7.

Any runner of any ability can run with less effort, and less potential injury, using the ChiRunning technique. Check out Danny's ChiRunning materials at

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