Sunday, January 04, 2009

An aerobic start for 2009

The best way to kick off a new year is with a run.

Where ever you are.

We were able to get out every day while in Wausau, Wisconsin. Most of the mileage was logged in Marathon Park, a quiet and sometimes formidable course for fair weather runners.

On some days, the paths were plowed and then swept, which gave them a polished feel - much like glare ice that shines back at you. On other occasions we tramped through fresh show, where each step brought a squeak beneath your feet.

An outer loop of the park measured 1.5 miles, so we did four loops for a six mile total.

Most excellent.

Running is a foundational element in my life. 2009 will mark my 26th year of endurance sport. Despite aching knees and a tender back, plodding along at 12 minute miles still brings joy into my heart.

I am thankful that running has been a good friend and teacher. I hope to maintain the momentum going forward.

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