Sunday, December 07, 2008

Very fast rubber

Please...don't skip over this posting before you read it. I realize the picture of a tire isn't the most exciting image you'll find on this blog, but it may lead to a ton of excitement in your life.

At left is the very fast and high pressure Ritchey Tom Slick mountain bike tire. The Ritchey is 26-inch, which means it fits mountain bike rims. And, it comes in a 1-inch wide version, the thinnest tire you can get for a mountain bike. It inflates to 100 pounds-per-square-in (psi) making it one of the highest pressure tires for a mountain bike rim on the market.

Where am I going with all of this? Many of you may have an older mountain bike sitting in the garage or shed, a bike that hasn't seen the light of day for years. You really don't have a use for it, so you just don't ride it...but wait!

That old mountain bike can become a rip-fast commuter bike with one simple conversion. Add a pair of Ritchey slicks, pump 'em up, and you'll be rolling fast and hard in no time.

I've had many discussions with friends regarding how to convert a mountain bike to a commuter, but this is the the most noticeable upgrade you'll make -adding some fast rubber.

It's not my style to shill for a company that isn't giving me some sort of endorsement or riding support, but I'm going to go the extra mile for Performance Bicycle. It's a big mail order house I have been using for over 20 years. I believe in supporting local bike merchants, but for this special one-inch tire I ordered from Performance. Check out the link below:

When you order the tires, get a set of Performance Forte 26" x 1.1" - 1.4" tubes...they're narrower and fit well inside the Ritchey casings.

So it goes. Fast rubber will deliver a lower rolling resistance, quicker cornering and stability at higher speeds. Ride hard, brake late and carry the momentum. All good in the world of master competitor.

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