Friday, December 19, 2008

Strange planet

There are many sites on this great earth. I have traveled to the Bahamas, Greece, Spain and now Aruba in 2008. All of these destinations are unique.

What I find intriguing is the order and balance to life. The plants, animals (and on some occasions humans) co-exist in a complimentary state. There is a plan to that balance, something that randomness cannot explain. I am happy to be included in this place, this time in life.

We journeyed to Arikok National Park, on the northeast side of the island. The cacti abounded and reminded me of the cinnamon crispa desserts that I often enjoy at Taco Bell...I'm always looking for a relationship to food.

And, we shared the trails with many friends. Mountain goats scurried about and if you look closely, you'll note one of these creatures scanning the horizon from a perch high atop the rocks.

I feel privileged that the full-time inhabitants allowed me this special day to visit their domain.

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