Monday, December 29, 2008

Master man in 2009

No, that's not a weird tropical infection on my nose. Rather, it's confectionery sugar from the rim of my margarita glass; even 52-year-old men are forced to be silly now and again.

2009 is on the horizon. I am taking an assessment of myself and realized that never before have I felt such a toll on my body. My back is healing from the herniated disc at the L-5/S-1. Another portion of my back is in muscular pain from lifting luggage on this trip. I have arthritis in my right thumb near the joint. I was using my dad's snow blower yesterday morning when my feet flew out from under me, and I crashed hard.

Now I am also dealing with a rare case of sore-ass-itis.

Might as well tell you my right knee hasn't been good for years and is now in a bad state. Running in the cold of Wisconsin seems to negate some of the pain, but a rather loud clicking noise now echoes through the room when I climb stairs.

What's a master competitor to do?

Regroup, rebuild. Hold the light-fit-healthy mantra in high regard.

This week I'll jump on and enter the Green Swamp 50K, in early February in Dade City, Florida. It's a new event and I want to kick off a new year.

Let the healing begin. I think more adventures yet remain and it's my job to take this worn shell of a body and hobble to the starting line.

From there, I am hoping nature and the will within will do the rest.

Race on, my compatriot athletes.

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