Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just 4 minutes a day?

I'll be traveling the next three weeks and en route to Aruba I noted the contraption above in one of the airline travel magazines.

This is the ROM 4-minute cross trainer. It costs $14,615.

The ROM claims to get you where you need to be - ripped and ready for more - in only 4 minutes a day.

I can't quite grasp if you put the ROM on, or climb into it, but nonetheless that's a nice piece of change for anyone to consider.

Here's what the ROM's website states:

"The third problem are so called experts (personal trainers, doctors, etc.) when asked for their opinion about our 4 minute ROM machine, they will not even bother to inform themselves, read anything about it or try it out before giving their negative opinion or even ridiculing our ROM. Most of these "experts" are so closed minded that they cannot even be educated as to the logical insights that are embodied in the very intelligent ROM design and function."

So, instead of ridiculing the machine, I will ponder.

What can we accomplish in 4 minutes a day? I thought of carrying 20-pound weights in each hand, then charging up a rough, rocky trail as hard as I can go for 4 minutes.

Surely a brutal anaerobic session; so what would the gains be? I have accomplished a few notable changes in my own physique, but it came through hard work in the swimming pool, doing one hour workouts three days a week for several months.

Doesn't seem it would have been worth getting wet for 4 minutes.

Even if I was living on bottled water and grain, I don't think the ROM would be enough.

Of course, if the claims seems too good to be true, they most probably are. But I find the marketing intriguing and would like to learn more.

So, here's the web link. After you purchase your machine, please drop me a line and let me know if it worked: The perfect body in only 4 minutes a day.

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  1. I have two words for that... NO.

    It sounds like only one word, but I am so sure of it that it actually becomes two words! :)