Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Proper attire

Life vacationing in Aruba can be stressful. A modern man has to know how to look good and fit into every situation, in a appealing yet informal manner.

So, I came upon this retro/postmodern combination for most of my uptown and beach outings. It features a Brooks Sports team racing singlet on the top, with blue and black accents that balance well against my 20+ year old swim trunks - mail ordered from The Finals circa 1985.

I suggest that the crisp lines and colors of the singlet bring the fuzzy, over washed look of the swim trunks to life.

I have been finalizing the ensemble with a $6 pair of blue flip flops, procured at Target.

Over the years, master competitor has been chastised for his jeans and t-shirt cadre and the Aruba experience has allowed me to branch out and liberate the wild flower I truly am.

Let's hope the bloom doesn't come off the rose too soon.

Journey on.

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