Monday, December 01, 2008

Admire, but don't idolize

The shot to the right is Bob Hannah, one of the all time motocross racing greats, at the Unadilla, New York United States Grand Prix. I'm guessing this was 1989 but if anyone knows otherwise please drop me a note.

I was capturing thoughts during my morning run (what else is new?) about my somewhat thick body, slow pace and aching right knee. A bit of a pity party, but at the same time, I'm glad to be outdoors and moving again since my back has healed.

I was also pondering my career as a journalist and marketer in motorcycle racing. Though now many years past, the sport offered access to some great racers. Of that select few, I could call only a very few friends. It was surely not Hannah; he was all business and had little time for chatter. At least, as far as Bob was concerned about my place in the world.

But on this crisp Florida morning, it was not of consequence. I have realized that none of us need to look up to others in any way that demeans or minimizes our own efforts. That is why I remain such an advocate for participant sports. Let's get more people off the sidelines and get them into the game.

No, I was never a talented motocross racer. As a matter of fact, I was terrible. But I held my own in endurance sport and was never ashamed of a mid-pack performance - as long as I knew it was the best I could deliver.

I'd like to challenge all of you to the same. Let's live to run another day and let's be proud of the effort we produce. It's our effort and that's good enough.

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