Thursday, November 06, 2008

Seasons of life

Well, I must say I'm sorry. I haven't posted blog updates for several days and there is a reason why.

It's called academics and I'm in the eye of the storm. The photo above was taken at a recent U of FL football game weekend with my PhD cohort group. This is my final year in the PhD program in mass communications at the University of Florida. I have come to understand that this journey isn't for everyone and the stress load can be substantial.

I am well into the proposal for my dissertation topic, which is involvement among individual and team sport athletes. I will explore the involvement indicators for individual sport through ultrarunners and team sport through rally car auto racing drivers and crews.

And soon, I will take qualifying exams...five 4-hour sessions over ten days. This is where I must demonstrate that Tommy Master Competitor is ready to get into the PhD "club." The idea of being able to expound on what I know is overwhelming...but it will happen.

What a journey is has been. From my decision to return to school in 2002, to my MBA in 2005, to the wonderful opportunity for this PhD in Florida.

When times are the toughest, I treat the challenge like a 100 mile run. There might be pain and suffering, but a finish line looms just up ahead.

That is how life unfolds and I am happy to be part of it.

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