Saturday, October 18, 2008

Santa Fe is underway!

It was a big day for cycling in north central Florida.

The Gainesville Cycling Club hosted the Santa Fe 100 bicycle tour and about 24 miles into the course, riders made a quick pit stop at the High Springs aid station.

I volunteered this year at High Springs and learned how to set up and manage a fast-paced effort, let by out illustrious and eclectic leader Jane. I was shocked at how fast she delegated authority and within minutes I had been put in charge of the Gatorade detail. Imagine that, my first volunteer role with the club and I was already managing the most important element for rider rehydration!

Who would have believed it.

Cyclists came through happy and enjoying the cool, overcast day. Everyone was polite and appreciative of our efforts to provide support at the station.

Gainesville has been so good for me at this stage of my life. There's something about a smaller university town that I find very appealing. Good friends, good activities and a hopeful future.

What more can a master competitor ask for.

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