Friday, October 10, 2008

The rush is over

I wanted to add an image for today, but there isn't anything that pops into mind.

All of the excitement from Six Gap is over. I'm not racing the Croom 50K this Saturday due to problems with my back. So, the endurance sport void has once again reared its ugly head.

I really do like to train each and every day. But without some sort of event looming up ahead, there is a racer's depression that follows a big effort at a big race.

But what is different at this stage is that I am learning to balance the elements of my life. This is an exciting time for me. It's the final year of my PhD program, my dissertation is well underway (more about that in another blog entry) and it's time to apply for teaching positions.

Texas Christian in Ft. Worth is flying me in to interview, so the potential to move to another state is possible. The Ft. Worth cycling club has 800 members and I have already reached out to the club's ride director. We had a long conversation this week. I must admit that the descriptions of the rides were enticing. And, when he challenged me regarding my comment on holding an 18 mph pace in the "hills" on their course, the old master competitor blood starting flowing fast once again.

I really don't know what lies ahead. But I do know that when I am good with the world, the universe cooperates and puts new adventures in my path.

So, let's all hit our workouts hard and reach for the stars.

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  1. Hey Tom, why didn't you tell me about your blog earlier? I didn't realize it until I got an e-mail from you with the URL at the bottom... pretty cool stuff and a good read!

    Anyhow, I will be sorry to see you go if you end up at TCU, but at least you will still be at a place with a really cool mascot (the fighting horned toads right?). :)