Monday, October 27, 2008

On the trails in Ft. Worth

There were some good times on foot once I got on the ground in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Christie's friend Mike gave me a tour of the area with a great - and for me fast - six mile run.

We explored the running paths along the Trinity River. Cyclists whizzed by and we took many of the gravel path extensions that run parallel to the water.

On two occasions we made river crossings, where large rocks are strategically placed for footing.

The day was hot, the sun was out, and there was little tree cover. I could feel the warm rays pressing into my back...maybe a black running top wasn't the best choice.

But this is all part of discovering Ft. Worth. If I would decide to take a position with Texas Christian University, it has to be about the lifestyle. Running and cycling would be a large part of the equation.

So it goes. I'll get another jog in this morning before my day starts at TCU.

Wish me luck: I'm teaching global branding in an undergrad class, leading a discussion in a grad class re: my case study "NASCAR in Mexico" and then giving a presentation to faculty as to why Tommy Terrific is a good choice for their program.

It's all good. I have come so far. A kid from a small town in Wisconsin almost has his PhD.

How cool is that.

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