Friday, October 24, 2008

Light, fit or healthy...pick two

Keith Bontranger, a pioneer in bicycle parts and wheels, once stated, "light, strong or cheap...pick two."

I just love that statement and have a great time dismantling it. If you wanted a really light wheel, it may not be as strong and would be expensive to make. If you wanted it strong, it may not be as light, but maybe less expensive...well, you get it.

So, master competitor shamelessly stole from Bontrager's mantra and created "light, fit or healthy...pick two."

The photo at left is none other than Tom Terrific hogging a photo op at a beer bar in Dahlonega, Georgia just prior to the Six Gap 100 mile bike tour. I am sorta light, sorta fit and far from healthy with a bad disc in my back.

At this age, light seems easier to come by than fit, but at times I eat poorly while training hard and get fit over light. As a matter of fact, due to my back I've been doing 60 minute swim workouts three times a week, and I have a great tan and look pretty appealing with my clothes off.

But that said, my aerobic base for running is shot and my weight is actually up about 10 pounds.

So do you see where this is going? In a real sense, nowhere.

As the years tick by, it is more difficult to stay light, train hard and remain injury-free. But there is always a balance and master competitors everywhere can apply the light-fit-healthy test to determine which area is the best to pursue at the moment.

Whatever the outcome, race on and embrace the hand you're dealt.

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  1. Christie5:39 PM

    I thought it was 'pick two'?! Now I am down to one - damn!