Monday, October 13, 2008

The lack of speed...and no real need

No, the photo at left has nothing to do with my current mountain bike riding style. And yes, I thought it was cute to make a rhyme in my heading.

I have been using my friend Jeff's Trek Fuel mountain bike. It does all I could expect and more...the full suspension soaks up every bump, and even a log on the trail can be traversed with ease. Mountain biking was such a big part of my life when the trend first hit in the mid 1980's...I was hooked up with Scott USA at the time and ordered a series of mountain bikes to play on. Anyone remember elliptical chain rings?

This past Sunday, I took the magnificent Trek to Lake Wauberg, the U of FL's private property where students can romp and play. It was published that mountain bike trails existed there, so after church I headed out for my own fantasy adventure.

There really weren't many trails, just a few hundred yards of twisty, rather technical runs. I started to make my way through and then realized something I had to address: I was rather afraid of falling down.

It has to do with my current disposition, which is more about a macro view of life and love than it is being first to the finish line. And, the bad disc in my back has been rearing its ugly head, so I am more cautious about jarring motions.

So I rode slowly, stopped for most every risky root or rock, and lumbered along.

And after awhile it all became OK. I started moving a bit faster and remembered to fix my gaze down the trail where I was going, not at the front wheel where I was. If you have never attempted this give it a go, your speed will instantly improve.

But even at my best, I will remain a slow mountain biker. It's fun and I may attempt the Tour de Felasco 50 mile mountain bike tour in January, but you can be assured I will be off the back. I'm becoming more comfortable in my own skin and my skin has become much more precious when it is still on my body.

So, let's enjoy endurance sport at the pace it's comfortable. And let's enjoy this time in life for all the precious things we are able to experience.

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