Saturday, October 25, 2008

Keepin' it alive...

I was scanning some old slides into digital images yesterday - Racer X magazine is going to feature one of my photos from the 1986 MX des Nations and they needed a hi-res version.

I came upon a shot of Johnny O'Mara at the '86 event, where Team USA stomped the world in motocross competition. Johnny O' was riding a production-based 125 and flew through the field, passing 500 world champ Dave Thorpe in the process.

I sent the image to Johnny and got a quick reply. He encouraged me to keep the training going and mentioned that he was riding a cyclocross today "just for fun."

Let's get one thing straight...Johnny never raced for fun. He's one of the truest competitors I have ever known. Even at this stage of life, married and with a couple of kids, the O' Show can still hammer with the best of them.

The world of endurance sport is out there for the taking. It really doesn't matter if you were a world class MXer like Johnny, or just an average Joe like me. Racing comes from the heart and we all have the animal inside.

Unleash it, let it out and embrace the power of the master competitor lifestyle.

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