Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bliss before halftime...

Have you ever been at that place where the camera digitizes an image that never should have existed?

Where you want to hit "delete" while your significant other chuckles and keeps the camera just out or your reach?

Here's one of those images: Tom Terrific at The Swamp in Gainesville, during homecoming weekend when the mighty U of FL Gators decimated Kentucky.

I'm embarrassed to state that I only made it through 1 1/2 quarters of the game and called it a day. I went back over to my office, changed back into my cycling commuter clothes and headed for The Swamp. Maybe this is too logical, but it's easier to sit at a patio beer bar that stand among screaming students at the game.

My PhD dissertation focuses on involvement models for individual and team sport fans - those who participate. I'm not much of a passive sport fan - those who watch others compete and live somewhat vicariously through the activities of others.

But it's all good. As individuals, we enjoy different things for different reasons, so some may watch U of FL on the football grid, while I might rather spin along a quiet path on my bicycle.

But for me, I'll take another tap beer and some fries...thanks for asking.

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