Monday, October 20, 2008

The Horse Farm 90

Here's a shot of Delia - a new rider with our cycling club training group - and me during the Horse Farm 100. It was all good until the final stop at 90 miles, when my rear wheel went south and put me out of the tour.

It was a brisk, sunny day with heavy headwinds, a tough push at times and the rolling hills made it challenging on occasion. But many of my cycling club friends were present so the day was enjoyable.

A weird moment befell me at that final aid station. Everything on my Felt F60 felt solid as I rolled up to the stop; but when I lifted my bike off the ground to leave, I heard an audible "ping" and my day was over. A spoke broke, which threw the wheel off so far from true that it wouldn't spin, even with the brake calipers set in the outward position.

So, my day ended there, but I was not angry or upset. I sat in the sun and realized how fortunate I am, that the spoke broke when it did, on flat ground at dead stop. Only a short time ago I was making treacherous descents at Six Gap. The same broken spoke at that time could have put the wheel into full lock.

This has been a wonderful time in life and once again the universe cooperated. I'm happy and light in heart and ready to ride on another day.

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