Friday, October 17, 2008

Gainesville Cycling Club weekend

When it comes to spinning the crank in Gainesville, there's no bigger weekend than the one that's upon us.

This Saturday is the annual Santa Fe 100 and on Sunday the Horse Farm 100 will be underway. Both bike tours are sponsored and promoted by the Gainesville Cycling Club. Hundreds of cyclists both volunteer and ride to make this one of north central Florida's biggest bicycle happenings.

I totally love the GCC. It's one of the first organizations I joined when moving to Gainesville in 2006 and I have seldom missed a weekend club ride. Many of my finest friends come from the club...Mike, Dennis, Thomas, Delia...there are many more but these are just a few. There's nothing finer than riding over to the Chevron on the northeast side of town and heading out with the club for a spin.

This year, I will be volunteering on Saturday at the High Springs aid station, which is fairly early in the Santa Fe ride. I have done Santa Fe the previous two years and this time wanted to give back to the club with my support of riders who need food, liquids and an encouraging word.

On Sunday, I'm meeting up with several friends and riding the Horse Farm 100. While Santa Fe heads north, the Horse Farm journeys south into Micanopy and Ocala, beautiful horse ranch areas with rolling hills.

I'm excited for many reasons. I am so fortunate to be at my current place in life. Love and friends surround me. It's a time to be thankful and appreciate my many gifts.

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