Thursday, October 23, 2008

Everything Lance...

It was time for a six mile run on campus at the U of FL this morning. Part of the jog included a new podcast I had downloaded of cycling phenomenon Taylor Phinney.

Taylor is being groomed by none other than Lance Armstrong, who has recently decided he will return to competitive cycling in 2009. Armstrong announced that he would be supporting an Under 23 racing team, which would be built around the 18-year-old Phinney, son of former champions Davis and Connie Carpenter Phinney. The team will be directed by Armstrong's former Motorola teammate Axel Merckx.

Phinney reported that Lance:
  • Dropped 18 pounds in two months after deciding to return to the Tour de France
  • Travels with a personal trainer every other week
  • Bought a new house in Aspen and is training there
  • Plans to race the 2009 tour three pounds lighter than what he weighed when he last competed in 2005
There are mixed opinions about Lance's comeback, but few can doubt the guy is for real. Phinney disclosed he was training with Lance in Colorado and that on massive climbs, Lance remains at conversational pace while the rest of the pack is sucking wind.

Lance is 37 years old. And he was never that far off the pace...when you consider the dude has been running 2:40 marathons.

I'm jacked up about the tour in 2009, let's see what Lance can come up with in his return to the sport.

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  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Lance looks a lot older then 37