Friday, September 05, 2008

This shouldn't affect me...but it does

The political battle leading to the next president of the United States is underway. It's a full on, knock-out battle to the finish. And, as responsible citizens, we should be taking in all the information available on the candidates, so that we can make an informed choice at the polls.

Sarah Palin has come into the national political arena like a whirlwind. You may either support or reject her premise, but nonetheless it's going to be a wild ride for the VP nominee on the Republican ticket.

So, in learning more about Sarah, we extend our knowledge base to her five children, and husband. And to that end, I learned this morning that Todd Palin, Sarah's husband, is a top competitor in the 2,000 mile Iron Dog snowmobile race in Big Lake, Alaska. Teams race for 1,100 miles to Nome, before heading to the finish in Fairbanks.

What does this have to do with politics? Really nothing, but it has affected me. I'm a small town boy from Wisconsin, who had a love affair with snowmobiles...and I have a true appreciation for any person who can ride a sled - fast - for 2000 miles.

Todd Palin is as far from politics and Washington as anyone could get. He's blue-collar, a union member, an oil field worker. I find an association with someone who has come from somewhat common roots, and who enjoys a sport that few in Washington could comprehend. It would be great fun running into Todd at a campaign rally stop; we could pull to the side and discuss what cleats he's running on his track, and how he sets up his suspension for the Iron Dog...he did say in a news clip that the course was really rough this year.

So, I'm challenged to sort out what is relevant and what is not. But it's enjoyable to see someone differentiate themselves from the norm.

Ride on, Todd Palin.

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