Monday, September 08, 2008

They're all equal...

I find the current presidential race intriguing.

And, my thermometer for excitement is my own opinion, and what issues/personalities either draw me to, or push me away from, a political party.

It would be highly interesting to conduct post-election political research, to determine the key indicators that influenced votes.

Some individuals are highly invested in the political process. I have a friend who was involved in Obama's campaign in the primary race, and I admired his commitment and level of knowledge. Many know the issues, where the candidates stand, and in turn make a very informed decision on how to vote.

Others may vote based on more peripheral information, i.e. the lifestyle represented by a candidate that mirrors their own. Or, a candidate's working class upbringing might offer a greater comfort zone.

In the end, however one comes to a decision to vote, each vote remains equal. Whether highly informed, or influenced by factors other than the issues, a vote is a vote. Any American who is registered holds the right, and there is no "weighting" for one vote over another.

That is what makes America great, and that's why the 2008 election will be a wild ride to the finish.

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