Friday, September 12, 2008

Keep on keeping on...

I was in the gym this morning, feeling pretty good about myself.

I'm back to a place where my fitness level is peaked and despite a bad disc in my back, my body is once again taut and lean.

So, let's get back to what Master Competitor was designed for...ramblings on how to stay in the game. I'm 51, have a degenerative right knee and the bulging disc in my back puts discomfort into my left leg, which keeps me up at night.

That said, I can still find a path around the pain and find a way to train. Hey, that rhymes, let's hold the thought.

Most of the endurance athletes I have known from my glory years of the 1980's have faded to black. That does not make them bad, just refocused on other things in life. But for me, the endurance lifestyle never ends, it's a way of being.

I'd like others my age to come back into the game. It's not going to be about more and higher quality workouts...rather gentle, ongoing effort that allows one to enjoy continued participation.

Tomorrow morning I'll lead the Gainesville Cycling Club's High Bee ride. We'll do 38.5 miles at an easy, orderly pace of 16-17 mph. The final stretch is about five miles on Millhopper road, and somewhere on that last leg, the magic will begin.

My daydreaming will turn to fantasy, and I will see myself as an elite racer. The pedal strokes will increase in intensity, and when the motor is really revving, I'll slip my Felt onto the big chainring. A few of us will bust off the front, and labor at 23-24 mpg, and for just a moment it is all excellent, all glorious, and my world is totally satisfying.

Come out, master competitors, come out and play.

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