Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spinnin' the crank...

I'm finally getting back in the groove here in Gainesville, after a rehab period with a bad disc in my back, and time away traveling.

Friday night, I pulled my trusty Felt F60 (see above) down off the wall rack, pressured the tires to 110 psi, and lubed the chain. I also tightened up my cleats, as I had installed a new pair on my shoes the last time I prepped my equipment.

It was time for a Gainesville Bicycle Club ride, so for something completely different, our ride started about 15 miles southwest of my house in Archer.

It's nice to ride a new loop, on good pavement, with cycling friends. Our group is the HighBees, and we ride at a rather relaxed pace that hovers around 16-17 mph. Flat roads, breeze in the air, and just the sound of the tires whizzing along the pavement...that's how I like it best.

I like to ride safe, and our group maintains a single file line, and always calls out upcoming cars with the authoritative "car back!" alert.

But, I must admit that what I enjoy most about my bike riding hobby is the opportunity to daydream. I find my own world, inside a special zone, and relax within my thoughts. It's affirming to let the mind wander, and then come upon certain bytes that bear further inspection. It's almost like a computer in defrag mode; simply cleaning up the bits and pieces to make sure the hard drive runs more efficiently going forward.

I'm actually a fairly decent cyclist, and with effort could ride with a faster, more competitive groups. But the HighBees are my home. I love the pace we ride, and the social atmosphere we adhere to.

Bicycles are a wonderful asset to my life. They are machines that tune the body...and the mind.

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