Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lightning on the water

Check out this photo...if you've never seen a F-1 tunnel hull powerboat race, make an appointment to do it soon.

What a rush.

These IndyCars on water run to about 130 mph, and then make hard 90 degree turns at speed, with little deceleration.

To be honest, this sport hasn't been top of mind for awhile, but I lived it full time when I was marketing director for Mercury Marine's Hi-Performance division from 1989-1993. Mercury managed both the U.S. and International tunnel hull championships, and it was a rare weekend that I wasn't working an event on the water.

An old friend stopped to visit with me today, Laurie Vidal. He's a chaplain on the powerboat circuit, and we were able to rehash old names, events and activities from over a decade ago. I was involved with bringing the first Sunday chapel services to the powerboat races, and individuals like Laurie have soldiered on, caring for and supporting the racers and their families on a full time basis.

Though I live in a different, academic world at present, there are many memories of what was accomplished through boat racing.

Thanks Laurie, I enjoyed the conversation. Journey on.

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