Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A thief and the loss of my "old friend"

This past Saturday, I was doing yard work at my house...trimmed and pulled weeds, then went inside for a shower.

When I came out about 30 minutes later, me beloved Haro commuter bike was gone.

Yup, I'm guilty about leaving the garage door open, while most in the neighborhood keep their homes buttoned up like a thick sweater on a cold winter day...but I was trustful, and now my bike is gone.

Now several days later, I am depressed and at a loss. I rode that bike every day, and was trying to be a full time bike commuter. I had really nice rear panniers from Canada, and a new light kit front and rear. And a nice rain jacket for those wet days.

All gone.

I filed a police report, and of course chances are slim or none regarding the return of my bike. Since the thief came into the garage, it's a burglary, and a detective has been assigned to my case...along with about 100 other bike theft files that are on his desk.

Life has ups and downs. But the loss I am feeling is oppressive.

I doubt the thief will read my blog...but if you do, please realize you have been highly detrimental in my life. What is mine, is not yours. There will be recompense for your deeds.

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