Thursday, July 24, 2008

Striving for agape love

Seems that animal images are becoming quite frequent on my blog, but at this place in my life, it seems appropriate.

If you have been blessed with a pet, you know the unconditional love that is offered. No matter how bad the day, or how you respond, your beloved pet is at your heels, showing how much he/she loves your presence.

The bible models, through Christ, agape love. Is is unattainable for the most part, in that agape love is about caring and loving others, without any thought of reciprocation. I have made half-hearted attempts at agape love, but before long, I want ROI (return on investment) and expect attentiveness and my own gratification in response to my actions.

Loving and caring for others through agape love is a noble goal in life, something to aspire to, yet something I will never attain. But when one understands that giving love does not necessarily imply love in return, this world becomes more tempered, and the rough edges become a bit more smooth.

The path may be rocky, but my intent will remain.

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