Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's B-a-a-a-c-c-c-k-k-k


Five months post nerve-block injection, pain started to radiate down my left leg. It was all too familiar, the same suffering I dealt with after the big blow-out during Christmas.

The dreaded disc at the L-5/S-1 was rearing its ugly head once again.

I immediately started the progression of doctor's appointments that are necessary to appease my insurance carrier; 1) first to the sports med doctor on campus, for a referral from her to the back surgeon, who in turn 2) will authorize an appointment with the radiologist for 3) another nerve block.

All in all, about $1600 and maybe a month's waiting time.

But this time, I am better prepared with the knowledge to fight back. I am doing core strength exercises, and creating a better posture for the disc to slip back into place. The mornings are dreadful, when I have to straighten my hunched over back, which sends shock waves of pain into my leg. But once I'm standing tall, the pain subsides, and I have been getting in comfortable six to ten mile runs each morning.

It's a long and sometimes rocky journey, but I want to try and "self-heal" if at all possible.

I have been planning an exciting fall riding and running season...let's hope I can once again dodge a bullet, and move forward pain free.

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