Monday, July 21, 2008

House concert with a message

Last evening, I was invited to something totally new in my life.

It was a "house concert" with Lauris Vidal and Kelley McRae performing original work, in front of family and friends. The concert was hosted by Jan Vidal, who with her husband work as chaplains with Legacy Ministries. This couple serves the powerboat racing community at events throughout the United States. It's an effort rather dear to my heart, as I started the powerboat Sunday services over 15 years ago.

The night was intriguing. Though the performances didn't have an overt Christian overtone, the presence of a common believe and faith was in the room. It was a feeling of comfort, something I have been longing for over quite some time.

In one of his originals, Lauris sang of using your life up, giving it to others - so that when it's over, there really isn't anything left. It was food for thought, thinking forward to just what it means to give to others. I am coming to believe it's a way of being, an example of how to approach's not preaching or judging. As I once read, I am not empowered with the knowledge or authority to judge.

So thanks Lauris for bringing light to something that should be more predominant in my actions. I Googled out Lauris this morning, and found a music review. One of the first comments by the reviewer was how Lauris only presents positive comments about the music radical a position among that audience.

Lauris and Kelley made me ponder the love affair I have had with the guitar, ever since I was 15 years old. I never became proficient, but rather am a good hacker who can finger style pick a few chords.

I have always felt as if my playing was about being technically perfect, as many of my acoustic player friends had become. But, last night was an epiphany of sorts. What I found in this magical evening was a more complete package...the vocals, the performance, the message and the overall entertainment. Guitar playing was part of it, but not the total sum.

The house concert has inspired me to pick up my guitar (a very fine Taylor 310 cutaway) and, in the privacy of my own home, assemble a few simple thoughts and put it to music. I may never be the star of a house concert, but maybe there are a few things I can sort out with me, my thoughts, and that beautiful Taylor.

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