Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The glory days...

Need I say more? Just look at the build on Darrel Shultz, the 1982 AMA 500cc National motocross champion...and next to him (on left) is Chris Haines, Darrell's tuner for his championship season.

This photo was part of a pictorial that year, of all the factory riders with their mechanics and works equipment. I just loved to show the readers at Cycle News the behind the scenes stuff, and used to publish photos like this on a regular basis.

Shultz was an amazing character, his antics were legendary. I remember when he won the Trans-USA race at Road Atlanta, he took the trophy - and the trophy girl - and rode off into the sunset. Darrel was just that way.

And, he was the pain master. He told me "you can't remember pain" so he knew once he dealt with it, it would be in the past.

At the last race in the '82 championship, Shultz had blown out his knee, and had a collapsed lung.

He raced anyway. They had to carry him onto the bike, and Honda had a medvac helicopter on site in the event they needed to transport him with life-threatening injuries.

Shultz got the points and won the championship.

Maybe it's just me, but those were the glory years...amazing men and their flying machines.

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