Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brooks apparel is eternally good...

Check this out...yours truly acting rather chipper the first time through the horse station check at the Mohican 100 - about 35 miles into the race in 2002.

I was having a good time, and was coming off my PR year, 24:32 at Mo in 2001. This time around I was just having a good time, and my finish was somewhere around 25:30. Please remember that this was on the old Mo course, where we would come out of the woods at Rock Point at 76 miles, and have mostly country roads to the finish. Now, mountain bike trails have been added, and runners don't make their way to Rock Point until mile 90.

What I like most about my retro photos, is that they don't look that much different from my current images. My fitness and physique is relatively similar, and I'm still wearing those shorts and singlet on a regular basis. I just packed my bag for school tomorrow, and plan to run at lunch with some new friends...and, that same Brooks top is once again going into motion.

I like to take care of what I have, and use it a long time. Styles can come and go, but functional basic running apparel seems to last indefinitely. Well, there is that Ted Nugent Tour '78 shirt with the cut-away midriff, but I keep that one in the storage box...even the Master Competitor has some boundaries of style!

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