Friday, June 06, 2008

World tour 2008 - addendum

I'm back home. Decompressing in the USA, harbored in Gainesville, Florida. Back on campus at U of FL.

The study abroad trip to Greece and Spain was a unique opportunity. I have been traveling overseas since 1980, but my time away this year was special. It offered an environment for reflection and contemplation, a time to step back and take a macro view of life going forward.

I have learned to be more gentle with myself; to accept my place in life, my level of intellect, and the special skill sets I have been blessed with.

It is what I am. It has to be good enough.

And past what I am, I have learned to be more open and receptive to the thoughts and input of the undergrad students I traveled with. On several occasions, I asked the question: "What is the most perplexing problem or issue facing you today?"

That question came with a wealth of response - from the testing of religious faith, to trust issues, to the struggle of planning one's future. All good stuff, and those conversations taught me that life is never fully explained, or is lived.

I am thankful to live the life I have been given.

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