Thursday, June 26, 2008

What 100-milers do to the human brain...


Running 100 milers is supposed to be fun, right?

Well, you wouldn't know from this video clip. It's a short rant I made after finishing the Mohican 100 mile. It wasn't my best effort, and I did quite a bit of walking in the second half. Goes to show that even when I'm not really fit or on my game, I expect miracles...and miracles are seldom part of the game plan at ultrarunning events.

I blew up my left shin and the pain was top flight. So, instead of dropping, I packed an ice bag into my sock, and death-marched 40 miles to the finish. On top of that, I once again savaged my feet and walked on hamburger for most of that distance.

My time was so slow my buddy Mark Carroll (who finished the race long before me) pulled up in his truck on the last road section, and asked if I wanted anything from McDonald's!

At that point life sucked at the highest magnitude possible.

So, here I am, several years later, thinking about how I can lose weight and go fast at another 100 miler. What has really changed? Not much, and the profound statement I made at the end of this clip still stands:

"It's not a sport if you can't compete."

I just love myself when I say things like that.

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  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Hey, Tom! it's me, Yan. i found your blog out of nowhere--but i like it! Now i know why you keep running, just as you do in life. Cheers!