Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The way we were...

I was bicycle commuting home tonight, following a free outdoor movie at a local cultural center.

En route home I pedaled past a large Toyota dealership. Bright spotlights illuminated the entire yard, where hundreds of shiny vehicles waited for a potential new owner.

My evening's entertainment, following by the site of that Toyota lot, was a juxtaposition of scenarios, strange bedfellows if you will.

We are becoming urbanists.

The outdoor movie showing was packed. Many who attended did not drive to the event, but rather walked from nearby neighborhoods.

The Toyota lot represents our soon diminishing suburban roots. At $4 a gallon, most Americans are finally coming to terms with changes in their lifestyles. It's a quest for less driving, a closer proximity to metro areas, and public transportation.

Driving is no longer the "cheap way to get there." I was considering an ultra running event in South Carolina later in the year, but when I noted it was a six-hour drive, my enthusiasm was dampened.

Wouldn't have been that way in the past, but it is now.

We'll all be sticking closer to home, enjoying more within the confines of our most accessible environment.

I really don't know who will buy all those Toyotas. I also believe I'm ahead of the curve, bicycling about 90% of the time for transportation. Maybe soon we'll all try to pedal instead of pump (gas).

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