Monday, June 09, 2008

No need to fear when the death man comes near...

Fact is I needed a headline to go with this crazy image from Barcelona. The street performers were plentiful and many times freakish. This character was available for a pose - if you chose to send a Euro or so his way.

I have come upon a bit of a sea change in my life. Have started to look at myself with a bit more brevity, and have found some of my childhood nature buried deep inside. For me, it's OK to get a bit crazy now and then; being silly allows a good balance to my usual over-thought, introspective self.

I've found a fresh portal here in Florida. The summer heat is back, I enjoy training in the climate, and my mind is open and receptive to new thoughts and ideas. And, when I come upon this state, I'm a better contributor to other individuals' lives.

So, when the big bad boogy man comes your way, just push in close and become part of the picture.

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